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Funeral, Burial & Cremation: Frequently Asked Questions


What is the procedure when
a death occurs?

First step is to contact us; someone will take your call 24 hours a day. We will obtain the necessary information and set an appointment to finalize the arrangements for burial or cremation.

What if death occurs away from home?
If you are traveling when a death occurs, your family should contact our funeral home, we will make arrangements with a local funeral home to assist with the transfer.

Are funerals expensive?
Different costs are associated with the type of service you wish to have.

Is cremation less expensive than traditional burial?
There is a little price difference between cremation and burial; it depends on the type of cremation services you select, whether it is an immediate cremation or cremation followed by visitation and service.


What are the benefits of
pre-funding funerals?

Funds invested today with a funeral trust or insurance policy will be sufficient to cover the cost of the funeral at the time of need. The interest earned on an account or policy will help offset the effects of inflation. Government regulations safeguard your investment so the funds will be available for your family.

Do I have to pre-fund my funeral arrangements?
Prepaying is not a requirement. Making funeral arrangements today permits time for you to tend to every detail. Your family will be assured the arrangements reflect your wishes.

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